Pathology Product Range

Equinox Medical is the exclusive distributor of end-to-end COVID detection systems and consumables manufactured by 3DMed.

This end-to-end range commences with the ANDiS automatic robotic specimen preparation systems, followed by ANDiS RNA extraction systems and consumables, with the testing process completed by ANDiS PCR Kits and systems.

In a rapidly changing post lockdown environment of potentially lower viral loads and reducing Medicare rebates, Equinox Medical provides excellent value to our pathology clients by offering almost unprecedented COVID testing sensitivity at a very competitive price.

Equinox Medical compliments this 3DMed Covid-19 detection range with WEGO’s low cost, high quality pathology consumables which include blood collection tubes, syringes and needles.

Pathology Products

Medical Consumables and COVID-19 Testing

Pathology Catalogue

Since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, Equinox has been distributing the pathology system and consumable range from 3DMed to leading Australian pathology laboratories.  These products mainly involved their ANDiS® systems, which are capable of conducting over 4,500 patient specimens per day. The ANDiS system is emerging as a cornerstone of a rapid, affordable, population-wide testing for coronavirus and influenza, to expedite the resumption of interstate economic activity and travel.

Equinox Medical also distributes a wide range of TGA registered collection tubes, injection consumables and needles. Equinox has recently launched a range of Rapid Antigen Tests which are available now. Additionally, full platform PCR machines and custom PCR kits for viral and oncology diagnostic applications are being launched.

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Pathology Portfolio

Medical Product Range

Medical and PPE

Product Range

Equinox Medical understands the importance for clinicians to be equipped with the proper protective equipment.

We strive to deliver comfortable, well designed PPE alongside high quality, low cost medical consumables that offer healthcare professionals effective protection from contamination and infections.

Product Catalogue

Adult and Child Surgical Masks

Surgical and Isolation Gowns

N95/P2 Masks

Nitrile and Latex Examination Gloves

ICU Protective Gowns

Medical Products

Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Products

Equinox Medical’s primary manufacturer, WEGO has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, built to exceed the highest European and US standards.

Using only the highest-grade medical materials and sourced with strict supplier controls, our manufacturers ensure every device and instrument undergoes rigorous quality checks using the latest testing equipment and procedures in order to produce high quality medical products.

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