Innovation amid COVID-19: Equinox Medical delivers sustainable local PPE manufacturing venture, SeamBiosis

Equinox Medical is continuing to innovate in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic worldwide having established a joint venture company, SeamBiosis, with local garment manufacturer, Thread Apparel. The company is producing Australian-made surgical gowns by employing Australian seamstresses and deploying ultrasonic technology.  

The next stage of the joint-venture programme involves partnering with local fabric manufacturer, Oz Health Plus, and using Australian-made fabric to produce 100% Australian-made surgical and isolation gowns as well as theatre apparel.  The final stage is to use state of the art recycling technology to produce recycled polypropylene (rPP) generated from non-biodegradable PPE.  SeamBiosis estimates it can create over 200 new jobs for Australians.  

With COVID-19 cases once again spiking in NSW, sustainability may well be key in post-pandemic growth. SeamBiosis represents a shift towards sovereignty security, with the prioritisation of medical innovation essential in meeting the economic and social challenges created by the global crisis.  

SeamBiosis is committed to aiding the transition to a circular economy by managing and recycling the plastic waste generated from hospitals to produce rPP  for new local fabric manufacturers.  This fabric will then produce the finished product using Australian seamstresses and production staff in a number of Australian States.

SeamBiosis has been producing Level 3 surgical gowns for 6 months for Australian healthcare clients.  The full range of surgical gowns and isolation gowns will be available in Q1 CAL 2021 and other theatre apparel including hats & boot covers in Q2 CAL 2021.  SeamBiosis welcomes the opportunity to send specifications on the garments to interested parties.