Equinox joins the Sydney Knowledge Hub at the University of Sydney

Due to the overwhelming demand for innovation in local protective equipment manufacturing and patient matched orthopaedic solutions, Equinox has joined the Sydney Knowledge Hub; a collaborative co-working space for innovative start-ups and research based organisations. The space is a link between academics, researchers, government and the industry, and will provide valuable access to state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities.

By strategically engaging with research organisations at the Knowledge Hub, and expanding access to world-class infrastructure, Equinox will be able to expedite current projects in the pipeline, including an innovative technology to recycle personal protective equipment. The partnership will also facilitate collaboration with the Sydney Manufacturing Hub, a research facility focussed on additive manufacturing and material processing. Access to cutting edge equipment and specialist personnel will allow Equinox to continue refining its patient-matched plating prostheses, centred around metal processing and 3D printing.

Equinox is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside other tech oriented companies, as well as access to labs, makerspaces and other valuable resources at the University of Sydney.

To learn more about the Sydney Knowledge Hub, visit: https://www.sydney.edu.au/engage/industry-business-partnerships/sydney-knowledge-hub.html