Equinox donates medical supplies to Tonga, following “unprecedented natural disaster”

Tonga is experiencing the combined devastating effect of the catastrophic volcanic eruption and tsunami as well as the Omicron variant of COVID-19.  Tonga and its surrounding communities remained virus-free for the extent of the global pandemic. The recent combined effects of the eruption and Omnicron-lead supply chain challenges has hindered the delivery of vital disaster aid, affecting the 100,000 residents of Tonga.

Equinox Medical has donated medical supplies including respirators, masks, gloves and gowns to a relief shipment which is on its way to the Pacific Kingdom, where they will be crucial in facilitating safe delivery and distribution of humanitarian supplies from neighbouring countries. With COVID-19 cases in Tonga at their peak, these supplies will be important in the reduction of compounding virus-related health risks.

In a press release from the High Commission yesterday, Tonga acknowledged the assistance of Equinox and other government, community and humanitarian aid groups, for their contribution towards the recovery of the nation following the “unprecedented natural disaster”.