COVID-19: Equinox Medical and 3DMed enter agreement for exclusive distribution of coronavirus testing kits

Following several months of intensive validation, Equinox Medical has signed an agreement with precision medicine company 3D Biomedicine for the clinical validation and distribution of their COVID-19 and influenza differential diagnostic systems (ANDiS).

Currently deployed in several major pathology laboratories in Australia, each ANDiS system is capable of conducting over 2000 patient sample extractions per day, a significant increase in extraction capability from systems currently in use. Its high level of automation combined with its compact and user friendly design, allows for an ease of use not only for centralised laboratories, but also for the time-critical analysis of patient samples in rural and remote communities.

Effective control of the pandemic, and the easing of confinement restrictions, relies on fast and accurate detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Equinox is prioritising this active role in the provision of testing kits, while striving to lead the development in terms of cost and efficiency.

The ANDiS system also includes a highly specific, “differential diagnostic” – which allows for a multiple SARS-CoV-2 and influenza strains to be identified with a single test.

The ANDiS Differential diagnostic capability across multiple influenza and coronavirus strains, means that patients presenting with flu-like symptoms can quickly and easily be reassured

– Philip Crealy, CEO of Equinox Medical.

Equinox and 3D Biomedicine believe that ANDiS will be a critical tool in achieving rapid, affordable, population-wide testing for coronavirus, which in turn will expedite the resumption of Australian interstate economic activity and travel. Equinox are also supporting 3D Biomedicine with the adoption of the ANDiS system in Europe and the US, where they have received fast-track approval by regulatory authorities.

This is the first automated high-throughput virus nucleic acid extraction system that has been certified by EU CE and US FDA and China NMPA, and can serve the needs of new coronavirus high-throughput nucleic acid extraction in most countries worldwide.”

– 3D Biomedicine

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An emerging partnership with one of the leading global pathology groups, Sonic Healthcare, is helping to bring this important technology to Australian patients.

About 3D Biomedicine

3D Biomedicine is a leading international diagnostic company, with over 10 years experience in oncology and RNA-based diagnostics.  They are a recognised leader in RNA diagnostic systems.  The ANDiS System has been the culmination of their response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and has been used in the rapid diagnosis of over 100,000 COVID samples, demonstrating unprecedented speed and reliability.

About Equinox Medical

Equinox Medical is focused on helping to contribute to providing the highest quality medical devices across a range of applications.  The ANDiS System is a pathology-based extraction and diagnostic system, which aims to bring wide-spread affordable testing to Australia.